The merchant’s guild and the city council call it the Tiered Market, but to the locals it’s known simply as Hillside. The terraced path, winding back and forth across the southern face of Watch Hill, is home to all manner of stall selling everything from salt by the pound to fine silk gowns to root vegetables to exquisite glassware. It is the largest marketplace in Nandore, which makes it the largest marketplace in all of West Amria. Down at the base, many of the stalls selling food and simple necessities are open all day and all year round. At the top, among the more specialised and expensive goods, some stalls are only ever open by appointment. The tiered rows offer a magnificent view over the lower city to the docks and harbour and ocean beyond, but they are a spectacle in and of themselves as crowds flock and throng amid the colourful stalls and banners, and servants and couriers and shop boys scramble to and fro up and down the steep stone staircases between rows. In there, fortunes are being made and hearts are being won and larders are being stocked.

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