I’m employed as a software engineer by day, but have a lifelong love of stories and words. More specifically, I’m a writer locked in an eternal struggle with writer’s block, a musician who plays guitar sings and (nominally) writes my own songs, and a rabid (in more than once sense of the word) coder. (Preferably in that order, however due to work it tends to be the reverse.) More generally, I am an overactive imagination on legs.

The general concept with this site was to try to write something every day and to not worry about how good or otherwise I thought it was, as a way of stimulating some creative juices – the every day part isn’t working out so well these days, but I still try to get stuff up here. Some of these things are pieces of a larger puzzle, some are stand-alone. Some even I don’t know.

I hope you find something here that you enjoy, or that makes you think or feel.

Zane Smith

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