The Academy

The gates of the Academy seem massive overhead as you pass through, but your young-looking escort swings the giant slab of stone closed behind you with no noticeable effort. The courtyard beyond is wide and green, criss-crossed with neat paths of white gravel leading to and from the numerous halls and towers arrayed before you. A few people come and go with an obvious sense of purpose, and here and there small groups are gathered in animated discussion or argument. When you finish gawping you turn back to your escort to find him waiting patiently, grinning widely.

“It’s quite something, isn’t it?” he asks as he begins to set off down one of the paths, motioning for you to follow. “You’ll get used to it eventually, I promise. I’m afraid the proper tour will have to wait, the Dean doesn’t have much time to spare today so we’re heading straight there.”

“Of course,” you nod simply, still taking it all in.

“Broad strokes, though: straight ahead is Research, which is where we’re headed. Libraries and lecture halls and theories. That’s where you’ll spend most of your time in the beginning. Off to the left is Excavation. Artifacts and maps and stories about nests of kobolds. To the right is Experimentation. Sparks and explosions and the occasional unholy creature from beyond the walls of reality. You know,” he looks back over his shoulder at you and grins again, “the fun stuff.”

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