If You Lived Here, You Could Be Home Now

Falling Blossom walked through her front door and into the living room of her apartment. She didn’t turn any of the ceiling light on; didn’t even take off her shades, though they did adjust to pick out the edges of the room and the couch in a ghostly white. The storage bot zipped out of the wall and scooped up her boots as she shucked them off, whisking them away until they were next needed.

For a long time she stood, resting her forehead on the cool glass of the window that was her eastern wall, looking down at the lights of the strip reflected in the water. Eventually she sighed and pulled herself away from the view. She swiped a panel on the wall and the room began to reconfigure itself, the couch sinking into the floor and the bed rising up against the other wall. While she waited for it to be done she stripped, dropping everything on the floor for the storage bot except for a hand knife, which she tucked under her pillow. A few more taps on the panel called up her favourite sleep settings: dim points to simulate stars on the ceiling light, and a slight tint on the window to cut down the glare of the neon glow from the strip, deepening to full blackout by dawn.

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