Moros stood atop the rocky outcrop, his hair spiking in the charged air. He clutched his sword with both hands, leaning his weight on it just a little. A thin trickle of blood came down his right arm from somewhere beneath his sleeve. The onlookers were slowly recovering, and one started towards him from the tree line.
“Stay back!” he called. “Stay amongst the trees! This isn’t over yet.”
Without moving his eyes from their constant scan of the surroundings he hooked one foot under the body, hooded and masked, that lay beside him, and with a heave sent it tumbling to the waves below. More room to move now; that was important.

The charge in the air grew suddenly, and Moros shifted his grip slightly. As the lightning forked down from the sky he was already moving, his blade scraping along the rock then coming up in a wide arc. His opponent was there suddenly, cast in stark relief as the lightning struck the ground between them in a crash that drowned the clash of blades. The battle was joined.

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