Rebbecca, part 3

“I do apologise, I’m quite sure I misheard you.”
“You did not mishear me, sir.”
“Then perhaps you misspoke,” Councilor Proom frowned. “The city cannot be landed. Such a thing is not possible. Were it possible, it would not be safe. Even were it to be possible and safe, I can conceive of no reason why it would be neccessary.”

Something in the tone of the Councilor’s voice snapped the patient, subservient air Rebbecca had been adopting all morning. “Just because something has never happened in your lifetime doesn’t make it impossible! And it certainly doesn’t make it unneccessary! Do you think I would be here if I was not sure? Have I been one to trouble the council with inconsequential problems over the years? I have been beneath the city and I have seen the damage and I tell you that we will be on the ground within the month. If you would prefer a crash to a landing, then on your head be it!”
She turned to leave. Councilor Proom called after her in a flustered voice, “Wait! This is… I can’t… I have no authority to make a decision like this.”
“Then point me in the direction of one who does.”
“No one person does, that’s the point of the council. I will have to call an assembly. Can you return next week?”
“I can return next week,” she said, “but I can give no guarantee that it will not be too late.”
“I… The day after tomorrow, then?”
She nodded. “Make sure the Guild of Engineers is present, too. I don’t like having to repeat myself.”

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